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Sierra Stars

Sierra Stars Quilting Vacations - Your Personal Quilt Retreat

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    A Sierra Stars Quilting Vacation is a unique time to do what you love, with people you care about. A bit like a B&B, a bit like a quilting retreat, but truly an experience all its own. Come for a weekend or a week and treat yourself to a getaway filled with quilting or crafting, conversation, and natural beauty.

    Gather your friends and make your reservation for your personal quilt retreat (or scrapbooking vacation). Pull out your unfinished projects or perhaps choose a new project for everyone to enjoy. You're free to do whatever - there's no planned program unless you make one. Pack up your sewing machine and small tools - Sierra Stars Quilting has the rest. Our complimentary hosting service will let you devote yourself to friendship, relaxation, and your creative pursuits.

    Your quilt camp takes place amidst pine and fir trees just north of Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Sleep in or rise with the sun. If one of you tires of sewing, take a walk through the pines, head for the rec center, go for a quilt shop-hop in nearby Reno, bike along the Truckee River, or meander through the shops of historic downtown Truckee.

    Return home with a refreshed and renewed spirit of creativity - and perhaps even a completed project!